Stop wasting time and start finding better roommates faster

Roometrics uses tested psychometric measures and algorithms to find roommates that match your lifestyle

We’ve developed a highly specialized psychometric assessment designed to match people specifically on roommate compatibility. After months of development and refinement, our assessments have been streamlined to be administered quickly online so you can start looking for your perfect roommate sooner.
After completing the roommate questionnaire, Roometrics goes to work developing your roommate profile. Based on over 50 criteria, Roometrics develops an accurate and complete profile that you can use to find people that are compatible with your lifestyle.
Once you have your Roometrics profile, you can search through our extensive roommate database to find a compatible roommate. Each user profile has easy to read meters to show you exactly how well you match to others across a number of criteria. It couldn’t be easier!


Narek M., Glendale, CA
I like this site a lot, especially the personality angle. The design is pretty clean so it’s pretty easy to use. It's like a 'create-your-own-roommate' with the customized search panel. But overall it feels a lot more comfortable than the other ways I’ve looked for roommates online.
Cynthia M., Los Angeles, CA
This website is so wonderful! All the options really help narrow down the search for a decent roommate. It's nice to know someone's living preferences before committing to a long term lease with them. I think Roometrics is a really good way to do this! Totally using this for those summer leases.
Iberia C., Los Angeles, CA
Wow...this site makes finding a roommate really easy and kinda fun actually. I really like the lifestyle insights because it asks questions you don't normally think about when trying to pick a roommate. After using it for a few days, I definitely prefer this over other sites.