We believe finding a good roommate online should be easy.
About Roometrics

Roometrics is a roommate listing service that helps you find better roommates easier. We have developed an algorithm that compares users specifically on roommate compatibility in order to take out the guesswork of finding a roommate. Our algorithm looks at aspects like hobbies, lifestyle, and personality to help you find the right roommate. To get started, all you have to do is join and take our quick Roometrics questionnaire. Then you can use our advanced search features to narrow down your choices and select your next roommate!

Meet the Team
Ardy Rahman

Ardy is the brains of the operation. He makes sure the gears are turning and the algorithm behaves itself. He did a graduate fellowship in addiction psychiatry at Yale and holds an MSc in neuroscience from UCL. He also spent time trying to find the meaning of life at UCI as an undergrad.

William Tran

Working in higher ed, Will understands the importance of a good roommate. When he's not balling, he's busy running analytics for Roometrics. Will graduated from Pomona with a BA in media studies.. He's spent the last few years working in college admissions and brings his academic perspective to Roometrics.

Adam Hegyi
Lead Developer

Adam is our all-star developer. He tweaks and optimizes every part of the site to make sure you have the best experience possible. This is the guy that turns our crazy ideas into reality. Adam previously worked as a software engineer for Nokia and holds a BSc in systems engineering.

Bojan Jevtic
Lead Designer

Bojan brings his unique and fun style to Roometrics. He works with the rest of the team to make sure we look good while helping you find a roommate.

Michelle Ma
Wellness Adviser

Michelle is our resident yogi and rock star. She gives us her perspective on healthy living with a roommate and incorporates aspects of mindfulness into Roommetrics. You can find some of her musings about the roommate lifestyle on our blog. Michelle studied at UCI with Ardy and holds a BS in public health.

Born and raised in LA

We are based out of Los Angeles, CA. At the moment, Roometrics only offers its services to California residents. If you want us to come to your city, drop us a line and let us know!