Roometrics was built to be simple.
Quick, easy, and clean. That’s our mantra from development to design.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What is Roometrics?

Simply put, Roometrics is an online service that lets you find better roommates through listings.

However, beyond just a basic roommate listing service, Roometrics also gives users advanced tools to gauge specific roommate compatibility based on tested psychometric assessments. We’ve spent a good amount of time perfecting our algorithms on real roommate pairs, allowing us to develop a quick and easy assessment for use online.

What are psychometrics?

Psychometrics are questionnaires that are used to assess behaviors in people. Using our expertise in neuroscience, we’ve honed in on specific psychometric assessments that relate to roommate compatibility. We’ve dug deep into the leading research in this field to figure out what makes roommates click. We’ve dubbed what we have created “Roometrics”, or psychometrics for roommates.

Is it free to use?

Of course! All of the core features that make up the Roometrics service are free to use.

How does it work?

The process is as easy as pie. First, you sign up and go through a quick questionnaire so we can develop your roommate profile. Then, you look through our roommate database using advanced search filters to narrow down people that meet your basic criteria. Once you have some people, you can take a look at the Roometrics scores of each person to see how well you’d get along in a shared living environment. After that you can send them a message and see if they want to be your roommate!

How is privacy handled?

We take your privacy very seriously. We never share any specific answers you give for our assessments to anyone. Period. We don’t use any last names on profiles or any other unnecessary bit of personal info. User photos are totally optional as well. We also do not ask or store any specific address information for rooms you list. There is some information that should only be shared with the person you choose as your roommate, and we respect that entirely. Most importantly, we don’t sell your information to anyone. For more information, please check out our privacy policy.

Who made Roometrics?

Roometrics was thought up by Ardy and Will in 2009, but wasn’t fully developed until 2012. Ardy used his experiences as a graduate researcher in psychiatry and neuroscience to develop a psychometric assessment aimed at understanding roommate qualities. Will has extensive experience in higher education and saw the potential Roometrics could have in helping college students and young professionals find better roommates. Together, they melded their ideas to create the current Roometrics service.

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