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Deep Roommate Compatibility Matching

Roometrics uses advanced psychometrics to determine roommate compatibility


Start finding roommates quicker

No one wants to sit around answering questions all day. We made our Roometrics assessment quick and easy so you can start searching sooner.

The information you need

Compare yourself to others on personality compatibility, lifestyle compatibility, shared hobbies, and shared living habits.

The privacy you want

We take your privacy very seriously. We don't show your full name and we won't share your answers to our assessment with anyone.

Simple to Use and Understand

Our design team has put a lot of time making sure you can use our site without confusion.


Easy to read analytics

Users can quickly determine how compatible they are with another person by glancing the Roometrics box to see lifestyle, personality, and overall scores.

Advanced filtering

Our clean search features allow you to filter results by almost 20 different criteria so you can find that one roommate you’ve always wanted.

No Ads

We hate ads. They really don’t tie the room together and from a user experience standpoint, they are distracting. Our simple solution is not to have any.

Complete Freedom

We don’t want to be a barrier between you and your next roommate.


No limits on messaging

Contact as many people as you want, we won’t stop you (unless you’re spamming, then we will stop you).

A full experience out the box

The core Roometrics experience is unhindered. Find roommates using our advanced tools without a hitch.

We care about you

Without you, Roometrics does not exist. Why would we bug you with marketing emails and other spammy nonsense? It doesn’t make sense so we don’t do it.